[Northkeep] Combat Archery at Regional Practice Sunday in Mooneschadowe

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Umm?  I thought the practice was on Sat the 21st?
That's what Randel's been saying for the past couple of weeks.

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Subject: [Northkeep] Combat Archery at Regional Practice Sunday in Mooneschadowe

I plan to be present at the Regional Practice in Mooneschadowe on Sunday.
Combat Archers, Marshals, and those interested please attend. Let's shoot and have some fun while we practice our arts to insure the security of the Kingdom.
Feel free to forward this to other lists that I'm not subscribed to.

Yours in Service,

Michel mac Donnchaid
Northern Region Archery Marshal
Baron of the Eldern Hills

Forwarded for Sieur Jean Paul 

Mooneschadowe will be hosting the regional fighter practice this weekend at
our normal spot at Boomer Lake.  Directions to the practice can be found by
following this link (
for people coming from Tulsa (or maybe even Grimfells) and by following this
link (
for people coming from the OKC directions.  I plan on having us work on
practicing against the town and fort battles, so bring your weapons, your
brains, and your armor, as we're going to test out a bunch of scenario
ideas.  Practice will be starting at 2:00 pm, and we'll then adjourn to a
local eatery for dinner.

Hard Facts:
Time : 2:00 pm
Location : Boomer Lake Pavilion, Stillwater, OK 74075
Date : July 22, 2007

Jean Paul

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