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Mon Jul 30 09:49:33 PDT 2007

if you have any coleman type lanterns I might be interested I have several nice ones sitting at the bottom of lake waxhoma.

Sean OBrien <ohoolighanofnorthkeep at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Hello gentles. I haven't been out and about lately due to my back. It decided to blow out about a month ago. I have been going to a sonar chiropractic place for two weeks and feel much better, although things other than my spine are still fighting against moving into the new place where they belong. On top of this, my left sciatica nerve is pinched and just about kills me when it acts up! There is some permanent damage, but hopefully it won't keep me from doing most of the things I like to do.

Because of the back issue, I will not be able to "camp" an event again. It will have to be motel, cabin or day-trip for me from now on. The good news is, I have lots of camping stuff to get rid of. I will have a complete list as soon as I am able to get out in the garage and dig through stuff. 

Besides not camping anymore, one of the reasons I want to sell everything is to help with the expenses of the chiropractic appointments. It is running about $300 a month, and the chiropractor I see says I will need to go there for about 6 months, cutting back on the number of times a week I have to go over time. Right now I am going 3 times a week. If you can help out by purchasing some camping equipment I would really be grateful. If there is something you need let me know. Chances are I have it. 

Thank you so much for helping me out. Any help whatsoever is appreciated immensely!

Respectfully yours,
Lord Aodh O'Hoolighan
m.k.a. Susan

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