[Northkeep] A&S Grape War

Siren Song sirensong13 at yahoo.com
Sun May 13 16:08:47 PDT 2007

I want to express my HUGE thanks to those who contributed to the wonderful A&S display at the Demo.

Caius and his MASSIVE Roman Contribution
A wonderful spinning lady from Northkeep (sorry I am horrid with names but I remember her face hehe) 
Lady Isobel and Lady Lucritiza for the Garb display
Lord Haldor for his leather work display
Lady Una for bringing the inkle project she is working on
Trevor for making Chain Mail
Master Mike for the Musical entertainment and artful awards he made

And everyone else who came and were a living exhibit of history. 
Vivat! and Thank you!

Lady Siobhan
Minister of Arts and Sciences 
Canton of Skorragardr


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