[Northkeep] This and That

Montega montega at gmail.com
Sun May 13 21:33:53 PDT 2007

Hello Northkeep!

I am currently speaking to someone about a demo for a sunday school. I
have already informed them that this will most likely be last of June
or in July. Hopefully we can get some people up for fighting. This
would be on a Sunday of course. Just wanted to give a heads up.
 I am also going to be calling Martin East Regional Library to find
out exactly when their Ren Faire is. The last time I had a chat with
them they wanted to change the month in which they hold the demo. I'll
let you know the outcome.

Grub N Garb will be on the 30th of this month. (Last Wed) Hope to see
everyone out and about. The weather is getting hot so bring sunscreen,
water and bug repellant.

See you all soon


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