[Northkeep] FW: And even another Lilies Competition: Extravagent use of trim

Niewoehner, Hugh hughn at ssd.fsi.com
Tue May 15 04:38:12 PDT 2007

If you are going to Lilies there have been a number of new competitions
announced.  Most of 'em odd, weird, whatever. 
Here are two which certain NK locals might find fun.

>I hope I'm not tail-end charlie here, but Ferd's been twisting my arm
>(slightly) too:
>I am sponsoring a period seating contest at Lilies.  
>Any period item you've made to sit on in the last year--chair, 
>bench, stool, chest, rug, pillow, etc.  No documentation needed, 
>but you need to tell me about the piece.  This competition will 
>be held on the ridge above the beach, an hour more or less before 
>the fireworks.  So bring something to sit on and show it off.  
>The prize is a pair of trestles for a trestle table.
>You can see pictures here:
>After all, you have a seat.  Now, you need a table.
>See you at Lilies (if not before)...

> Conde Fernando's reach is long.
> For as I sat in Northshield, at their Crown Tournament, 
> Fernando's words did reach me, and compel me...
> So I announce another in the series of last minute Lilies 
> Competitions.
> The most extravagent use of trim in a project:
> Entries will be judged on yardage used, percentage of 
> coverage, wow factor, and insanity of attempt, plus whatever 
> other categories need to be added to properly judge the entries.
> Prize is a $30 gift certificate from Calontir Trim.
> Details will be available at the Calontir Trim Booth, in the 
> New Market.
> My own entry in the category will be ineligible for prizes, 
> but may set a new standard.
> Andrixos,
> Ribbonmonger

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