[Northkeep] Ian & JP & Ulf

zubeydah at northkeep.org zubeydah at northkeep.org
Wed May 30 12:24:17 PDT 2007

If/When you gentlemen arrive at fighter practice this evening, would you mind 
giving me a call? I am not planning on attending practice (got a big ole list 
of stuff to do for Castellan), but if any of you will be there, I have items 
for you / to discuss with you.

JP: I have two packages for Ollj, per our prior discussion.. one is perishable, 
one is fragile & is for Castellan.

Ian: I have painted awards. Please call me and let me know if you need me to 
callig them.

Ulf: If you're going to be there, I have your Centurian almost done, and I'll 
bring it by for you to take a look at. If you are able to bring your court garb 
that you mentioned, that would be cool so I can have a gander at it, mebbe take 
a photo for reference.

Thanks very much, gentlemen.


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