[Northkeep] Halfiras Fundraiser

Traci Connor Traci-Connor at cherokee.org
Wed May 30 09:19:05 PDT 2007

Greetings unto the Gentle People of Northkeep,
House Halfiras has a small fundraiser going on.  By Douglas' hands, we
are selling attractive, highly functional lucets (for sturdy cord and
trim weaving).  Some will be available this evening at GnG (via
Renault), and will be available this weekend at Castellan.  Basic lucets
on line sell for $10.00.  Ours are available for $8.00, and no s/h!!.
We also are taking orders for hand made drop spindles ($12.00).  Lady
Debroa and Lady Raghnailt are both recipients of examples of these fine
tools.  An example will also be available at Castellan for review and
If you require instruction, we are happy to demonstrate this weekend.
If you are interested, please email Mehpare at tconnor at cherokee.org and
we will make sure to get them to you.  Thank you for your time and
assistance.  This fundraiser is a small effort to assist Lady Zubeydah
in compensation for her wonderful chocolatiering and other multiple
event endeavors (a Rose Tea, as well).  
Kindest regards, in service,
Mehpare bint Ejer
House Halfiras

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