[Northkeep] how awesome is my homeland

dominic barranco wookiematsu at yahoo.com
Thu May 31 00:07:10 PDT 2007

  Greetings Northkeep, its your wayward son Damon (the other) Xanthus.
  Of course you all know how totally great Northkeep is, but I must MUST tell you of some spectacular people who have totally saved the life of a poor fledgling autocrat.  As many of you know I was suckered (OOPS, I mean I volunteered) into autocrating Steppes Warlord.  I was absolutely blown away by the number of northerners who came out to support me in my time of need, and absolutely delighted to see so many of the northern fighters come away with championships.
  I need to do some major thank yous to all who came out and bailed me out of many a tight spot.  Firstly Wynn, Cat, and Abbey who played babysit the autocrat and made sure I didn't kill anyone.  Secondly to all the fighters who dominated the fighting and put on a heck of a showing.  Last but not least in my hour of need, when no one else would volunteer our magnificent Baroness sat gate for me so that my dear Megan wouldn't have to pull another twenty hour stint. 
  I apololigize if I forgot anyone, I am still beat up from the weekend, but know that I am very proud to say I am from Northkeep.  Northkeep Rocks. 

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