[Northkeep] Looking to Lilies

Meryn butrflykyssis at yahoo.com
Sun May 20 20:11:32 PDT 2007

Im going. Riding up with Randal & his..."assorted ppl"
:P dunno where Im camping yet, so hold me a spot? :)
THX, ~*Meryn*~

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> Somehow, I got roped into sending this message, so
> here goes.
>   We are going to Lilies, and are wondering who else
> is going.  We are happy to reserve space for tents,
> kind of like a land coordinator type thingy, we just
> need a show of hands...er, um, emails, of who might
> be wanting to camp with us.
>   So far, we have the following people asking for
> space...
>   Wyn & Kale
>   Randal (and assorted new people)
>   (The other) Damon
>   Renault
>   Abigale (with assorted other females *grin*)
>   Max & Lizy
>   If you would like to camp with us, please let me
> know, and I will be more than happy to add to this
> list.  There are a few other people not listed here,
> whom we are also saving space for.
>   Thank you, and I now return you to your regularly
> scheduled drama...er, event attending.  Yeah, that's
> it.
>   Kale

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