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I've a daughter who will be 14 in July who would ADORE the opportunity
to have someone new to show around. Her name is Gator. My name is Adalia
VonderBerg (most call me "Nyx"). I'll have a merchant's booth there so
I'll be easy to find.

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Good day my gentles,
  I have met some of you, others I have not yet had the pleasure.  To
those that do not know me, I am the wife of RD (known to you as
Thorfinn).  Castellan will be my first official event and I'll have our
little imp of a son in tow.  We will also have in tow RD's God-daughter,
Bonnie, who has taken a great deal of interest in the SCA of late.  
  So I'm looking for someone to show her the ropes, tell her a little
about what is done in her age groups there and introduce her to the
teenage SCA crowd.  She is 14, a bit shy until she gets comfortable, and
we may be bringing her to several events in the future if she does enjoy
her time at the events as much as I think she will.
  So anyone know anyone her age that might be intersted in showing her
  By my hand,

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