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The imp of a son is only 1 1/2, I think he'll mostly be attached to my leg.  ;)

Stephanie Drake <steldr at cox.net> wrote:
  Actually, I think the imp-son is not old enough for children's activities, 
is he?


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> I'm 36 weeks pregnant, but would be more than happy to talk to her about
> youth rapier and introduce her to our youth rapier marshal!! :) I can show
> her around SOME, but my mobility is limited (especially in the heat).
> And we do have children's activities for the imp-son.
> Welcome!
> - GG
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>>Good day my gentles,
>> I have met some of you, others I have not yet had the pleasure. To
>>those that do not know me, I am the wife of RD (known to you as Thorfinn).
>>Castellan will be my first official event and I'll have our little imp of 
>>son in tow. We will also have in tow RD's God-daughter, Bonnie, who has
>>taken a great deal of interest in the SCA of late.
>> So I'm looking for someone to show her the ropes, tell her a little
>>about what is done in her age groups there and introduce her to the 
>>SCA crowd. She is 14, a bit shy until she gets comfortable, and we may be
>>bringing her to several events in the future if she does enjoy her time at
>>the events as much as I think she will.
>> So anyone know anyone her age that might be intersted in showing her
>> By my hand,
>> ~Iaasis
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