[Northkeep] Childrens activities at Castellan

Theresa Kwasny raptorboss at cox.net
Fri May 25 14:29:23 PDT 2007

Thank you.  I was asking in regards to the new childrens policy. If I
understand it correctly, parents must be in sight/sound distance from their
children at all times, even if the children are at children's activites.
Trusted adults watching them is not enough, unless I am mistaken, it must be
the parent or legal guardian.

For me, if the children's activites are located near the list field, it is
no problem.  If it is on the other side of the feast hall, inside the feast
hall or someplace else, it could possibly be inconvenient.

I think this could impact other people more than me though; what about
archers who are parents?  Or parents who have obligations at the event like
running a gate shift or cooking?

Am I misunderstanding this policy change?  I understand and agree with the
intent(that keeping our children safe is the responsibility of the parent),
but this seems like a bit of overkill.


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>The Children's Activities will be under a pavilion at Castellan
>  REvka

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>Are the children's activites at Castellan going to be under a pavillion
>the list field again, as they have been in year's past?


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