[Northkeep] Small question (was One more thing)

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Wed May 30 06:50:26 PDT 2007

>... Centurion Angus MacKnockard gave me some advise that my tag line my not 
>be the most >appropriate for this and I did not blow him off I just went 
>sillier and forgot to remove it. Sorry. I will >be quiet now, really, I 
>promise, maybe.

It's certanily not appropriate for a business letter, but for the SCA it's 
somewhat benign.

Ok, I have a small question (as hinted at by the subject line).  In the past 
few months I've run into more instances of this person or that person being 
"helpful" and offering unsolicited advice on other people's behavior.  Now, 
I'm certainly not going to suggest that people stop, since that would be 
more hypocritical than I'm actually capable of this morning - I'm just 
wondering, did I miss a memo or something?  Because if this has been 
National Mote in thy Brother's Eye Month, I have really been slacking off.


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