[Northkeep] Chemin Noir Fair of Harvest Event 9,10,11 of 2007

torieaofmervod at aol.com torieaofmervod at aol.com
Wed Nov 7 11:09:52 PST 2007


I am writing to you all with bad news, I will not be able to attend the Event this year due to medical health issues.? As you all know every year since our group has held this event I have run the Children's Activities as the groups MOC.? This year I am not being able to attend? am looking for some one who will be going to the? Event that? is a MOC? that could? or wouldn't mind running the activities for me.? I have 2 possible volunteers? that will be helping? through out the day, and some others who said? that if they are not busy will help.? I have shortened the activities down since I will not able to be? there and I will have everything labeled and put together the supplies for each activity with a? printed time list for the person who is willing to do this for me. I have made arrangements for the supplies, sign in Lists for the activities to be there on Friday night for the Children to do, so that the person filling in for me can go over everything before Saturday morning.? Also I have already made the Scrolls for the Children and they will also be there with the Supplies. I have planned to run 3 hours in the morning from 9 AM-12 PM and 2 hours in the Afternoon 1 PM-3 PM, this is a major cut back to the original hours that I had planned in the beginning when I was still doing the activities.


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