[Northkeep] Chemin Noir - FotH this weekend

Traci Connor Traci-Connor at cherokee.org
Wed Nov 7 13:13:42 PST 2007

Greetings once again dear people of Northkeep and Chemin Noir,
As Waterbearer in Charge for this event, I'm sending out one last request/invitation for waterbearers and donated supplies.
Ldy Montega has graciously offered to donate oranges and pickles.  Our household (Halfiras) will provide items, as well.  Any able bodied folk are welcome to donate food items or time to assist w/WB for the list field as well as archery.
Any donations are welcome - but we'd like a count of what to expect before we complete our shopping list.
ALSO - their will be a soup pot-luck luncheon available.  Any goodies you'd like to contribute to that will make it that much more special for attendants.
Don't forget the BREAD BAKING contest!!!!  Contact Lady Zubeydah for further information.
House Halfiras looks forward to serving our fighters and guests this Saturday.  We are thankful for the opportunity.
Kindest regards to all,
Ldy Mehpare-jamilla bint Ejer
House Halfiras
Barony of Northkeep

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