[Northkeep] Fair of the Harvest Children Champions for Bardic and A&S

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Thu Nov 8 11:56:58 PST 2007


??? Please don't forget our Competitions for the Children in the arts of Bardic and A&S this year.? I am hoping that we have? many smalls who are going to compete to hold the title for our event. Last year we have some great pieces for both competitions and I am hoping this year will be just as great.

??? For our winners last year, they were given each a green cloak to wear as the right for the title after winning the competition, this year I am hoping to pass the cloaks down to our new winners, unfortunately I can remember only one of our winners and that was Elizabeth I think for our Bardic the A&S winner I can not find the Paper on(sorry about that).? If the Past winners are going to be at the Event this year could you please bring the cloaks so that they are passed down to the new winners if you are not able to attend could you send them with someone and make sure they are given to Adarin who is in the kitchen and running the children's activities along with others for me since I am not able to make the event this year.
??? I hope you have your pieces ready this year to perform and compete for the Fair of the Harvest Children's Champions titles in Bardic and A&S.? Good Luck to everyone.

Thank You,
Lady Toriea Winkel
Chemin Noir

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