[Northkeep] The Canton of Chemin Noir's Fair of the Harvest

Jerry and Teresa Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 12 09:57:52 PST 2007

Greetings unto the most stellar Kingdom of the Sable Star,

  In this mighty Kingdom of Ansteorra stands a bastion upon the northern
border, the Canton of Chemin Noir.  Ansteorrans through and through the folk
of this small canton are a refuge for hospitality, honor, chivalry, and just
plain good fun. This weekend (November 9-11) the small but happy band in
Chemin Noir held a fair to celebrate their harvest. The Fair of the Harvest
was a pure joy to attend, one of those small laid back events that really
remind you what the SCA is all about and fills your heart and mind with so
much of the magic we seek to capture that you are able to carry it with you
for days and weeks afterwards.  Lord Renault as steward and the Fair of the
Harvest offered everything one could ask for at a fine Ansteorran
celebration. I would wish that there were more people there who could have
enjoyed the prefect weather, the very good feast, the fun, the friendship,
the entertainment, the beautifully decorated hall...but then again more
people might have ruined what to us is one of the best kept secrets in
Ansteorran eventing.

  There was chivalric combat where brave warriors fought against bandits to
protect the Canton. Fighters from all across the North were there including
Knights, Centurions, Sable Talons, and Squires, and from them came a stout
defender...Lord Randal.

  There was rapier combat where honorable swashbucklers stepped forward to
defend the lands of Chemin Noir against rakes and cads. From every corner
across the north came fighters including Dons and Cadets, and from these
came a valiant protector...Don Timothy

  There were arts and sciences to wonder over from among the skills of
scribes, weavers, vintners, and brewers was chosen a man who best please the
populace...His Lordship Tadgh. His Nallbound cap was only one among many
fine entries.

  There was archery where keen-eyed contenders shot to hit either a pumpkin
target or ears of corn. Truly a difficult test of skill...Lord Karl won the
day, shooting against many skilled archers and myself.

  There was the hurling of axes, knives, and spears where accuracy and
strength blend into one sport. From among those who dared to prove their
skill...Milord Lee at his first event proved that he showed great promise
and won the day.

  There was Bardic at Chemin Noir where the singers and poets had to
entertain from table to table and hold their audience while the feast went
on around them...Lady Aderan again showed her skill at the Bardic arts.

  All should take note of young Kiyar (I apologize for the spelling) from
Moonschadowe was a force to be reckoned with. She won the children's bardic
and children's Arts and Sciences and then competed against the adults at the
rigorous feast bardic. This young lady can pull a tear to your eye or lift
you heart with her voice, her presence, and her performance. Woe be unto the
bard who has to follow this girl's performance.

  There was an onsite bread baking competition where many fine loafs were
presented and on the day it was Mistress Alix who won, Milady Kate winning
the Children's bread making competition.

  The best brewers from all across the Northern Region gathered together at
the Fair of the Harvest to share the secrets of their art with us all. From
Mead, Beer, and Wine, the day was filled with the scent of honey, grain, 
and sweet juices as each skilled tutor shared their craft.

  As the culmination of celebration there was a fall harvest themed feast,
where fruits and grains mixed with hearty meats filled your plate and belly.
In a candle lit hall we enjoyed the end of the day's festivities all in good
company among decorations that took one to a truly magical place. Milady
Ellette and the Ladies of the Vine have our thanks for putting on such a
fine feast.

  As Lord and Lady of these lands we could not be more proud of the people
of Chemin Noir and the event that they presented. The people of Chemin Noir
have out utmost respect and appreciation for making the dream come true. So
many people did so much to make this possible from the Steward to the cook
the laborers, and the those who attended, thank you all for this wonderful event.
Next time you see the advertisement for this small little event way up on the 
Northern border maybe you will remember our words and come see for yourself 
what wonders can be wrought by a small group of people with big hearts who 
cherish the dream as the people of Chemin Noir do.

Ian and Kelandra
Baron and Baroness of Northkeep
Lord and Lady of Chemin Noir

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