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???? I am
writing to let all the Children and their families know that I am
gratefully sorry that the scrolls for the Children were not given to
them during the Fair of the Harvest court as we usually do for our?
children who attend the event every year.? I am planning to be at
Winter kingdom this year and will be getting with the children then to
present them their Scrolls especially our Young Champion Caer , who had walked away with both Children's Inspector and Children's Troubadour.. Caer I
hope you keep up the good work you are doing and one day you will be
taking home our adult titles and put the people you compete against a
good competition in the future. I hope the Children's activities were
fun and all the children had a good time and enjoyed themselves.? I
would also like to thank ALL those wonderful people who ran and helped
with the Children's Activities, Especially Lady Aderan, Lady Charlie and the Skorragardr group and members of Chemin Noir's populace, I really appreciated all that you did in making things wonderful for the kids with your help, again another great weekend of Children's Activities done at the "Fair of the Harvest" event. I am thankful for all the People out there who brought items for our children's auction I was told it was great and the kids loved it.

I also wanted to let the People who helped with the set up of Gate and
running it during the event. Thank you very much I appreciated that
since I was not able to attend and do it, I also want to think my
deputy Jennifer who sat many hours at gate taking in all she could, and
the Others who did the same devotion and sat many hours so that gate could be made

I also want to think all the Friends and Family out there that made this another great Year for our whole group "Chemin
Noir". All those who attended and helped were they could and made sure
that everyone had a good time, Those who competed in and ran our yearly titles
and games and the new fun things that we added to our event this year.
And those who showed up to just hang with friends and family and to
support Chemin Noir. To all you wonderful people, I want to say without
YOU our group could never pull this off every year. I look forward to
seeing everyone again at next years events that are to come and our
event in 2008.

Thank You Very Much,

Lady Toriea Winkel

Ladies of the Vine

Chemin Noir

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