[Northkeep] Long Bow help

Cpt. Talbot talbaine at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 2 14:37:45 PDT 2007

will do. the best thing about my job is how well the reenacting i do for a living translates into the reenacting i do the rest of the time! (bowmaking, flintknapping, blacksmithing, soapmaking, open fire cooking, basketweaving... the list goes on!)
-talbot> Definitely sounds interesting. Please do keep us informed.> > Ismet> 
> > giladriel wrote:> > now that would indeed be worth taking, can you let me know when the next> > class is to be held and how much it will cost? I would definitely be> > interested in attending.> > thanks> > Michelle 
> >> the museum i work at has a class on bowmaking every year, about the middle> >> of February. it is an in depth demo, from selecting your tree, curing your> >> wood and rough shaping your bow, to final shaping, sealing and winding your> >> own bowstrings, with a couple of sidebars on fletching and decorating. quite> >> informative, and enjoyable!> >> -talbot> > 
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