[Northkeep] gate list for Chemin Noir's Event

melissa vonaschen melissavonaschen at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 7 20:32:29 PST 2007

Zahava and I had signed up for any shift after 10pm on Friday.  Late night, early morning, it's all good, just let us know before we need to be there and we'll take care of it.

"greddi66 at juno.com" <greddi66 at juno.com> wrote:
  Bonjour unto all,

I apologies to all over the confusion over gate sign-ups. There were several that asked about signing up and I referred them to contact Toriea directly. I later misunderstood that all the shifts had been filled and put that task aside as a completed task. At NK last populous I received a few more volunteers (Zahava, Ayla & Gisela)
and found out Sat. the previous sign-up list is missing. I sent out a few emails over the past few days and have not seen any response nor my copy from the list. I am working with Randell to figure out the email issue. . .

With that aside, If you have previous signed up to work gate, please post it to the NK list so we can get you re-added. If you are available to work gate, again please post to the list. If you are unsure how to do gate, we will try and put you with an experienced person. Troll/Gate has always been a fun time for me as it is a great way to met so many people. 

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