[Northkeep] fair of the harvest troll list

randel lee randelleesmith at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 8 18:08:48 PST 2007

greetings all, 
  i apologize , but i have been unable to find the troll sign up sheets for the event tomorrow. i am posting here. if you would like to sign up or re-confirm your time slot i would appreciate it. thank you all.
  4pm- 6pm
  randel lee./ marlin
  6pm- 8pm
  randel lee./ open
  8pm- 10pm
  randel lee./ open
  10pm- midnight
  zahava./ ayla 
  midnight- 2am
  randel lee./ Christiana
  6am- 8am
  open./ open
  8am- 10am
  open./ open
  10am- noon
  open./ open
  noon- 2pm
  open./ open

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