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Traci Connor Traci-Connor at cherokee.org
Sat Nov 17 16:10:29 PST 2007

We drum here in Tahlequah! Two places: every full moon (which will be next Saturday) at the Unitarian Church, and out at Sparrowhawk area (just outside Tahlequah) the third Friday of every month.  I know it's a drive, but if you are ever interested, we'd love to have you.  Please feel free to contact me off-list for more info.
BTW - thank you again for all your help at the WB tent during Fair of the Harvest last week.
Hoping to hear from you,
Mehpare (traci)


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Is there a drumming group still in Northkeep?  I am still new at drumming and want to learn more.  I absolutely LOVE to drum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Thank you!
  With respect,

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