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giladriel giladriel at cox.net
Sat Nov 24 04:08:55 PST 2007

searches my database, i have many of these artists
for sure, aerosmith, pink floyd, zztop, alanis morsette, metallica, 9 inch
anything specific your looking for?
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From: Gisela
Date: 11/23/07 18:05:41
To: The Barony of Northkeep
Cc: chris.graue at benham.com
Subject: [Northkeep] OT-CDs stolen
Well, they say that no good deed goes unpunished, so here's my punishment
for packaging and delivering food for Meals on Wheels on Thanksgiving...
over 85 CDs were stolen out of my car last night... most of which were
originals, very few were copies. I don't expect to ever see any of them
again, so I am asking for help replacing them. If several people could copy
a couple disks each (if you even have them) then it won't cost me $800 to
replace everything I've lost, and it won't cost me or
anyone else copying them too much for blank disks. I realize most of what I
lost will likely have to be downloaded because not many have my unusual
taste in music, but probably half are fairly average, by today's standards.
I do plan on talking to my insurance company about this, but I doubt there's
much that will be done... if anything, and would probably cost me a high
deductible AND raise my insurance if I even tried...
If you have ANY disk by any of the following artists, PLEASE contact me and
I will tell you what I had. I am willing to pay/trade for copies, but money
is extremely tight, so it may take time to gather much cash. Anyway, here is
a list of the groups I had in the car...
Thanks for all your help!!!
Mary Chapin-Carpenter
Presidents of the United States of America
No Doubt
Pink Floyd*
Amadeus (2 disk sountrack)*
Jane's Addiction*
Porno for Pyros*
Perry Farrell*
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult*
ZZ Top
Tom Petty*
Beastie Boys
CHerry Poppin Daddies
Alanis Morisette
Faith No More*
Sacred Reich
Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack*
Infectious Grooves
Cypress Hill
Barenaked Ladies*
Tori Amos*
9 Inch Nails
Cool World Soundtrack*
Mr Bungle*
( * = probably/might can make these at work)
Best of:
Doobie Brothers
Steely Dan (Decade of...)
"Hot & Heavy-All Top Hits" (includes these songs)
Godzilla-Blue Oyster Cult
Cat Scratch Fever-Ted Nugent
Frankenstein-Edgar Winter Group
Mississippi Queen-Mountain
Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo-Rick Derringer
Carry On Wayward Son-Kansas
Whiskey Man-Molly Hatchet
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow-Suicidal Tendencies
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