[Northkeep] Fw: SCA demo at Defcon?

giladriel giladriel at cox.net
Fri Aug 1 05:12:12 PDT 2008

how much is admission? where is this located at? 
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From: Jerry Herring
Date: 07/28/08 11:24:34
To: Northkeep
Subject: [Northkeep] Fw: SCA demo at Defcon?
Is there anyone willing to go and participate in this?
Is anyone willing to try to get in contact with the Defcon staff to see if
we can do a small booth? If we could would anyone be willing to sit at said
booth? Or maybe at the least see about putting out some flyers at the con?
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From: Patterson, Jeff
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Subject: SCA demo at Defcon?
We're trying to organize a boffer panel discussion with the Tulsa Amtgard
and Melee groups at the Defcon sci-fi/fantasy convention on Aug 1-2-3.  If
Northkeep is interested in taking part please call me some evening at
519-7876.  Amtgard also has a fighting pit and has invited the SCA to join
them for a demo if you aren't already doing something at Defcon, I'd be the
contact person for that also.  Unfortunately we're not going to be able to
offer free admission, we're paying to get in ourselves, but we did want to
invite you to join us.  Hope to hear from you, give me a call, thanks!
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