[Northkeep] Kings Champoin Medieval Faire

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 4 21:03:18 PDT 2008

There were plans set at the last officers meeting for the Trailer to come 
into town for this weekend and to be sorted thru at the revel/workday at 
>From there the trailer was going to be staying in Tulsa and tentative plans 
had been laid for a Friday night set up for the SCA area. Angus and I both 
have sets of trailer keys.

As for the SCA's participation in the Faire we have been relying upon the 
Hospitaller, and the SCA coordinator for this event to make the plans and 
arrangements as well as those members of the populace who share seats on the 
faire committee. We would ask that all the people of Northkeep make an 
effort to come out and participate at this Faire. There will of course be a 
need for fighters, artisans, archers, musicians and bards, and just general 
folk to meet and greet people and tell them about the SCA as they visit our 
area at the Faire. This faire should be handled just like any of our major 
demos. Make sure that if you come to the faire that you make an effort to 
cover up any mundanity such as coolers, chairs, etc.

We should have an area set up for artisans to display their skills with 
hands on crafts, as well as some table space to display crafted items,
I do believe that we will need a few pavillions for sun and space for 
displays, we should try to make sure that period pavillions are used near 
the list field and that any mundane shade is set up behind those.also if you 
have access to a few long tables we could use those as well, we may also 
want to work out some method of roping off the area behind us to limit 
public access.
I do not know if any plans have been made for water bearing so we may want 
to make sure that we all take care in that area and come prepared with lots 
of cool water.

If some one wants to organize a period camp life display that would be 
I do not know much about the rules of the faire itself but I would guess 
that any and all weapons would need to be peace tied.

This demo will also serve as the forum for the Baronies Dionader and Esign 
Tourneys. The previous champions will need to be present or to get the 
regalia to us or the Seneschal before the day of the Faire.

Also if you are a Baronial Guardsmen this would be a great place to wear 
your tabards putting on a show of guarding the persons of the Baron and 

Tega where are we on fliers and handouts for this event? If you have not 
gotten them yet then please get those made up ASAP.

We have less than two weeks to get all our ducks in a row for this Faire.


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