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Guten tag Northkeep.
There are a number on this list who know and well remember Mikal the Ram
from Calontir.  As he put it, something to the effect of "A bard of
annoying quality".   Outside the SCA he was a school teacher and always
took time out of his day for "Story time" with the childeren at events.
Last winter he was diagnosed with cancer.   Even while undergoing chemo
and other therapies which sapped his strength, he bucked doctors orders
and attended Lilies with the stated knowledge that it might be his last
opportunity to spend time with his extended 'family'.     
As published on the Calonet yesterday, the cancer has metastasized in
his brain and the prognosis is...well, not good.  
If you are one of those I who spent time with Mikal, think about taking
the time to write him per his wife's request.  It sounds like he could
use the toughts.  
En service,

Subject: More Info On Mikal The Ram

Subject: FW: Update re: Mikal the Ram (Mike Shew)


Okay, all, here's the latest. I've asked Ariel to send it to the 

CalonNet as well, since Ed's at Pennsic and can't do it. The news 

isn't good, but ...


Some cards and prayers would be appreciated. Ginger's hope is that the 

kids of Calontir will send him artwork, so pass that message along for 

him, especially.




>From: Shew, Ginger [mailto:Ginger.Shew at argushealth.com]
<mailto:Ginger.Shew at argushealth.com%5d=20> 

Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2008 11:48 AM


Mike has had a number of physical obstacles since returning from 

Lillies. What we thought was a cold turned out to be a cyst of air/gas 

pressing on a vocal chord. These occur naturally and usually dissipate 

on their own; a person might not even know they have them as they 

usually don't affect speech. For Mike, this has hampered his ability to 

intake food and water. He was in the hospital earlier this month and 

they inserted a false vocal chord, which is not working as they'd hoped.



His pain level with the largest tumor is severe. He had an internal 

pain pump put in last week that will administer a continual dose of pain

medication near the spine, this device is completely internal and 

programmed from a small computer. We went yesterday to have the dosage 

increased. Afterward we went to Baptist hospital, outpatient surgery 

for a feeding tube to be installed. They made the decision yesterday to 

re-admit him to Research hospital for pain management, feeding and 

hydration, and will monitor a blood clot found last week. They will 

also do some neurological testing for the drop foot. He is unable to 

move his left foot correctly, but we do know this is not from the tumor 

on his spine, that one is not any larger.


I think our biggest heartbreak to date is that he has had to medically 

retire from teaching, I cried all day about that.


All this to say; he is very weak and depleted physically and 

spiritually, but not out of hope! At this time, he is not strong enough 

to entertain visitors, talk on the phone, or even sit and answer e-mail.



What DOES HELP are cards and letters. Kids' drawings are helpful too! 

Please send your happy thoughts and encouragement to:


Mike Shew

409 W. 96th Terr.

Kansas City, MO 64114


Many thanks for all your support,

Ginger Shew



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