[Northkeep] Exceedingly Silly

Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyya zubeydah at northkeep.org
Wed Aug 6 20:05:41 PDT 2008

I heard something exceedingly silly a few weeks ago. In fact, when I heard 
it, I started laughing so hard, I made a spectacle of myself at the WalMart. 
I had the same snippet of news confirmed from another source this evening, 
at fighter practice.

Allow me to utterly, completely, and without reserve whatsoever deny the 
rumor -  No, Abe and I are not putting our names in to be Baron and Baroness 
at such time as Ian & Kelandra decide to step down.  No, that's not why he 
went to Castellan with me. No, that's not why we renewed his membership.

I don't know who has the time to sit around and come up with crazy ideas 
such as this... but ... No.

If you ever hear rumors that just make you sit and wonder, 'Huh... that just 
doesn't sound right...'  It probably isn't.  :)

- Zubeydah

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