[Northkeep] Left handed bow...

Steven Copley steven at stevencopley.com
Thu Aug 7 13:23:43 PDT 2008

Ok, so I'm not left handed on anything but rifles and bows but I am on  
the lookout for a good left handed bow.

After 14 months and $1200+ I am almost done with my armor for heavy  
fighting and want to pick up a bow so I can start competing with these  
yayhoos in archery.  Using a fiberglass kiddie bow at events and  
borrowing arrows from friends isn't my style; I'd like to get my own  

If anyone sees a left handed bow with a 25-50lb pull, I'd love to hear  
about it.  I'm in the market.




Steven Copley
steven at stevencopley.com

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