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6 hours drive but it sounds like a lot of interesting stuff.


Subject: Metal and Glass Workers' Symposium - MEWS flyer error

Please forward this to all local lists.

Due to an oversight, the MEWS flyer for the Calontir Metal and Glass Workers' Symposium this Labor Day omitted the site fee. Here's the relevant information:

Date: 29 Aug - 1 Sept

Location: Warrenton, MO

Site Fee: $7

5-12: $3

Under 5: Free

Family Cap: $20

Non-Member Surcharge in effect ($3).

The event website ( http://www.threeriver.org/events.php#symposium ) is correct and up-to-date.

Now, about the event!

You're all back from Pennsic, and you haven't unpacked. That's just perfect, because at the end of August, the Barony of Three Rivers will sponsor the Calontir Metal and Glass Workers' Symposium! Three full days of exploring the medieval arts of metal and glass! Come and enjoy a weekend with family and friends while camping in a beautiful wooded location in Warrenton, Missouri.

There will be in-depth exploration of the medieval metal and glassworking arts, with classes, demos, and hands-on projects that you get to take home with you. Come and join the fun, hit metal, heat glass, and join us all around the bonfire in the evenings!

The current list of classes includes almost every metal-working art in Calontir. The glass-working list is still coming in. You know you want this!

* Chasing and Repoussé

* Pewter Casting (basic AND multi-part molds)

* Bronze Casting

* Knife-making (table knives)

* Seax-making

* Maille

* Smelting

* Bloom Consolidation

* Design consideration in Medieval Metalwork (period styles)

* Period arrowheads

* Heat Treatment of Steel

* File Cutting

* Stained Glass (Foiled and leaded)

* Bead making (lampwork; basic and advanced techniques)

* Forge building

* Smithing at Events

* Drafting for metalworkers (emphasis on coronets, medallions)

* Bell casting (demo)

Most of these classes are hands-on; that is, you'll get to make something and take it home with you. Come one, come all, and hit metal, melt glass, and have a grand time at the Symposium!

(-Francis Bean, Event Steward)


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