[Northkeep] UpComing Dionader/Ensign

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 12 06:27:54 PDT 2008

I see no problem with the plan as Angus laid it out.

As for a schedule of the day. I have not seen one for  the Fair itself but 
this is what I was thinking for the SCA encampment.

Friday afternoon and evening is for Set up we need all the helping hands we 
can get to make the most of the this time.

Saturday...Since the Fair starts at 10am we should be ready to start at 10am 
Finish set up starts at 8am
Armor inspect starts at 9am.
If the Faire has an opening ceremony we will wait till after wards and then 
do an opening court in our area to welcome entrants into our tourney. 
Heralds should announce each entrant upon their arrival.
The Tourneys will start directly after alternating rounds between Dionader 
and Ensign. At noon we will take a break between each set of two rounds (two 
rounds of each tourney type being four rounds total) allowing bards or 
musicians a round to perform. This will draw out the tourney longer to help 
fill the long day ahead and allow fighters time to rest and recoup as well 
as show casing some of our other talents.
The after the final round of the tourney we will hold court to honor the 
stepping down champions and award the titles to the new champions.

If anyone can get a hold of Lord Barret the Black (current Dionader) so that 
he or at the least the regalia can be present that would be very nice.

For the set up we will  need to make a tight L-shape of pavilions around the 
lists with plenty of walking space between the pavilions and the ropes. Also 
we need to decorate the area as best we can with banners, so if you have a 
period pavilion that would look good sitting around the list field and/or 
portable holes and/or standing banner poles and/or banners please bring 
them. One pavilion should be for display, one for artisans to work under, 
one for the Baronial Court, one for the fighters, and one for a ladies 
gallery where spinning and sewing can be going on while the ladies watch the 
tourney. The Water bearers station should be set up near the lists perhaps 
behind the fighters pavilion.

If some one wants to set up a period life encampment display that would 
great, period pavilion, bedding, chests, etc.

Baronial Guardsmen should all plan on attending with tabards and Halberds. 
Heralds on the field should wear the appropriate green and gold crossed 

Everyone who attends should dress in appropriate SCA attire, remember we are 
here trying to make a good impression on the public.Everyone who attends 
should also plan on spending some time talking to the public, manning the 
display area, walking the ropes, or working on some artisan projects, etc.

I wish we had thought of this before hand but it would be nice if we could 
see about borrowing Mooneschadowe's list field that way we could set up an 
interior list with ropes around the outside.

If anyone of the many Baronial cooks wants to bring examples of period food 
that would be awesome.

Also the SCA encampment up will need to be guarded at night...If there is 
anyone who is planning on camping on site and willing to keep a close watch 
on the SCA's things that would be very much appreciated.

More to come I am sure.


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