[Northkeep] UpComing Dionader/Ensign

cardweaver at netzero.com cardweaver at netzero.com
Tue Aug 12 13:35:25 PDT 2008

Beorhtlic and I will be attending, although I may have to take off for a breather midday if its hot.  Faouleinn (from Moonschadowe) is coming as well.
We will bring A&S stuff for display, banners, etc.  Beorhtlic is planning on doing casting on site in our brazier in the period encampment area.  Faouleinn & I will have weaving stuff to work on near the field.  
As our tent will be in the period encampment, it will not be available for a pavilion for the fiber arts workers this time.  Although, if people need a place to hide their mundane stuff and/or valuables, we can fit a fair bit under the bed.
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