[Northkeep] Apologies Unto The Populace

Amadeo Estevão rockmeamadeo at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 12:28:21 PDT 2008

My apologies to their Excellencies, fellow officers and populace of
Northkeep for my absence over the last two months.  Back in February I took
advantage of a new and more professionally and monetarily lucrative career
opportunity at Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group as an Internal Information
Technology Auditor.  Now having never been just an auditor I rather greatly
under anticipated the dreaded 3rd quarter impact on my life.  Between the
mad rush of completing many tasks at the end of 2nd quarter in June to the
opening of the 3rd floodgates on July 1st  I have not had much time to pay
attention to the non work related portions of my life including the SCA and
for this I ask for your forgiveness.

I will endeavor to do better by you all, though sadly it will not be today
that I begin as I must miss populace as I just returned from working for a
week in Montreal and must catch up here at home.  I know in theory it sounds
like a lovely get away, even for work, however in practice it was more of
the same 12 to 14 hour work days while my normal work piled up ever higher
back in Tulsa.  I was very glad for the change of scenery and a few evenings
with very good and not Tulsa food.

The last few months have highlighted the need for a deputy to lesson the
chance that my work life will negatively impact my SCA life.  Should anyone
be interested please let me know.  I ask that no one take this as a
forewarning that I intend to jump ship, as I do not and it is not.


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