[Northkeep] Chirurgeon Classes

Emily Minier Emily.Minier at DTAG.Com
Tue Aug 26 11:39:49 PDT 2008

Unto to the GREATEST Barony in the knowne world, do I bring good news.
We have been able to secure the Chirurgeon classes (CPR and First Aid
certifications and recerts) for our wonderful barony.  The date of the
class will not be set in stone until enough people have enrolled for the
course (and paid the $15 per course fee).  As it stands now, we only 3
or 4 more people to make the class happen.  The instructor is willing to
break the class into two meetings ($15 per - one for CPR and the other
for First Aid) and have the classes on Wednesday night at the VFW.  For
those of you who signed up and paid last night, I send hearty thanks!
This is going to be AWESOME!!!
If you are interested in taking either or both of these classes, please
contact me privately.  I'd love to get this scheduled soon so we can
fill our open Chirurgeon position.
Yours, In Service to King and Dream, with a song in my heart,
HL Adalia VonderBerg
Titled Bard of Eldern Hills
Chronicler of Northkeep
Apprentice to Sir Finn Kelley O'Donnell

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