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If there is ANYTHING that I can do for you, please let me know.
Much love,

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Greetings to our friends of Northkeep,

We are so glad everything went well at the demo.  Unfortunately (or not) 
we had spoken to some individuals who thought it would be in our best 
interest to attend Steppe's artisan that weekend and we said we would do 
so.  In truth we did very much enjoy ourselves.

Now to more personal issues.  Last month Ismet lost her brother in law.  
He had been very sick for many years and in many ways his death, though 
totally unhoped for, did relieve the family of many financial and 
emotional issues.  What is almost impossible to believe is the death of 
our second brother in law within a month.  His death was totally out of 
the blue (a stroke).  Both leave behind wives and three children.  At 
any rate everything and everyone is in a state of emotional chaos and we 
would appreciate all kind thoughts.

As for the grapes, a great diversion and an attempt at normality has 
surfaced in the fact that the long awaited grape harvest did arrive and 
we have been given the opportunity to pick and process the fruit.  Life 
goes on through the most difficult  of circumstances.  As the lady we 
purchased the grapes from told us "grapes are like babies, they come 
(ripen) when they want to". 

Please keep us and /your/ loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.  No 
one knows what tomorrow will bring.

Thank you,

Ismet and Damon

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