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4th try

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     This is an excellent question for several reasons. . . .

1)  What is all those pretty ribbons, garters, medallions that people are
wearing and what do they mean

2)  For those that are gifted with their hands, this is also the place to
see how those should look.

Not all are listed, or in completeness. . .but the most common (and long
lasting) are listed.
I hope this helps. . . .

Good luck!

Renault de Mont-Saint Michel

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is there anyone who knows where to go to get pics , or line drawings of all
the different ansteorran award insignias ??
all i can ever seem to find is the heraldese versions .
i need them in a visual format , for some reason, heraldese just doesn't
translate in my brain .
you really dont want to see me try to draw
 " banana  gules rampant ,waverly ,2 grapes azure pendant , on a field
buterscotch borderly something or another . " 


be safe, be happy, have fun
the heraldicly challenged ; )
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