[Northkeep] unto all of northkeeps wonderfull missiliers

ld.blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Sat Dec 20 13:14:16 PST 2008


1st i wanted to say thank you to all of the people both old and new that spent thier sundays out here on the ranges !!
thanx to your support , we now have a full time thrown weapons range to go with the full time archery range .
and a lot more people know a lot more about missile related activities.
special thanks go to my deputy marshals , ( robin of northkeep, and sam of northkeep ) for all thier hard work while i was ill .
as well as adelade and sam again for motivating us and making us look nifty in our tabards at calontirs " kings company of archers event "

northkeep was first at several things this past year:
we were the first to hold regular thrown weapons practices in the kingdom 
we were the first in ansteorra to participate in the thrown weapons interkingdom challenge.
we were the first out kingdom team to shoot in the kings company of archers- calontir 
we were the first ( as far as i can discover ) place group in the ikac challenge sponsored by gates edge .
we were the first group of archers to have our own tabards for a competition 

in hot weather or cold , weather its snacks , or grilled venison , arrow making , or just talk , we have spent another year having fun

thank you for the fun, the friendship, the challenges, and the competitions , and even just hanging out .
it wouldn't be the same without you .

may warm weather return soon

be safe, be happy, have fun

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