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Court was opened during feast, recessed and then resumed after the 
feast was cleared.

During feast these awards were handed out.
Alex ben Zahava received a Rising Star

Arthur Blackmoon received a Sable Crane
Renault de Mont Saint Michel received a Sable Crane

During the main part of court, these awards were handed out

Not an award, but Abigale MacNokard was sworn into the baronial Guard.

Four were recognized as part of the Caisteal Cridhe:
Ottokar Luther von Holstein
Ulrich von Budigen
Ulf Arnfinnson
and one who wasn't there, so I'll tell you later.

Charmaine Talbot received an AoA.
Seamus McGregor received an AoA.

Karl Thorgeirsson received a Sable Talon for Archery.
Lynn the Inquisitive received a Sable Thistle for Cooking.
Ainar Magnusson received a Sable Thistle for Metalworking.
Kevin Keary received a Sable Crane.
Olivia de Calais received a Sable Crane.

Ciana O'Hara was added to the Order of the Lion's Paw of Kenmare.
Angus Gunn was added to the Order of the Lion's Paw of Kenmare.

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sorry i had to run right after feast , so i missed the end of court .

who all got awards last night ??

be safe, be happy, have fun
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