[Northkeep] the Holiday

Cpt. Talbot talbaine at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 21 14:21:00 PST 2008

To my dear friends and family, in this, our Barony of Northkeep, do I send greetings.
As I, and my lady, will be out of touch for the next several days, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best, this Holiday season.
And rather than open the particular kettle of fish that is wishing others a pleasant, specific Holiday, I offer the following:
Winter Solstice,
please, pick one, and have a happy one!
As this year draws to it's conclusion, I am inspired once again to reiterate how pleased I am to be a part of the finest Barony, yea, verily, the finest populace, to be found, in Ansteorra, and indeed, anywhere in the Known World.
And with that, I remain,
Sincerely, In Service to the Dream,
Lord Brendan Talbot,
Proud member of the Populace of Northkeep
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