[Northkeep] Need Help Moving Kingdom History Collection

Robert Fitzmorgan fitzmorgan at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 13:07:04 PST 2008

    I have just taken over the position of Kingdom Historian.  Mistress
Annes is planning to bring the historian's stuff to 12th Night and give it
to me there.  It is in Tubs and she says that it fills 2 Trucks.  I have a
Car.  I need some help getting the stuff from 12th Night in Arlington TX to
my home in Stillwater, OK.  If there are people going who can bring stuff
back it would be a great help.  Even if we can't get it all back to
Stillwater right away if we can get it somewhere safe in Tulsa or OKC I can
bring it home from there a car load at a time over the next few weeks.
   I can't afford to rent a Truck to bring it back, but if we can't get it
up here any other way I could rent a uhual trailer, but I don't have
anything to pull it with.
   My plan is to photograph, scan and catalog this as part of preparing a
history of the Kingdom and making it available to everyone.  I can't do that
if the stuff is in storage.  I need it here.  Above all it is vital that
nothing be damaged.
   Can anyone help please?

Thank You.

Robert Fitzmorgan

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do not dare that they are difficult.

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