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zubeydah at northkeep.org zubeydah at northkeep.org
Tue Feb 5 08:09:21 PST 2008


If you have not heard... I'm doing a Sweets Shop for the Northern Tribute... 
With the permission of Her Royal Majesty Vanessa, the funds I raise are going 
*specifically* to the Ladies of the Rose support for Waterbearing at Gulf Wars. 
Every penny raised goes to that cause - all my labor and materials are being 
donated.  My goal is to raise $400.00.  I've already raised $170ish, from items 
sold at Yule and wInterKingdom. 

Because it would be really easy for me to go overboard and make a ton of 
chocolate that didn't get sold and went to waste, I'm taking Chocolate 
Reservations. Folks can pre-order what they'd like, and it will be reserved for 
them to pick up at the event.

Because these are fundraiser items, I have put 'recommended donation' prices - 
however, folks are welcome to donate more. :)

Here's what's available:

- Chocolate Fudge:  Milk or Dark Chocolate, with Kahlua, DiSarrono, Chambourd, 
or Frangelico.  Small Pan: $15.00.  Large pan:  $20.00

- Brownies:  My "standard" kicked up, caffeinated brownies with nuts 
(optional), coffee, Kahlua, chocolate chips, chocolate fudge, chocolate 
chocolate chocolate. Small Pan: $15.00.  Large pan:  $20.00

- Large Truffles:  Milk or Dark Chocolate, with Kahlua, DiSarrono, Chambourd, 
or Frangelico, or peanut butter or mint. $5.00 for a bag of 4.

- Hand dipped, Amaretto soaked, chocolate covered cherries: available in milk 
or dark chocolate.  $5.00 for a bag of 1 dozen.

Something you'd like that isn't on the list? contact me off list. I'm willing 
to do special pre-orders.

Please contact me off list if you're interested in pre-ordering, and send me 
specifics of what you're interested in.  


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