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Ian Dun Gillan ian1550 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 11 10:25:27 PST 2008

Ciamar a tha sibh,

On this Saturday last folk from every corner of mighty Ansteorra traveled 
into the far north and settled upon fair Northkeep. People came with arts 
and crafts, the labors of their hands, hearts, and minds for the purpose to 
display the culmination of their skills in competition against one another. 
This gathering of the finest of Ansteorra's artisan drew with it many great 
Masters and Mistresses of the Arts, who had come to judge the works and to 
see the potential among the artisans. Our simple hall was hung with banners, 
and many a table was set, and the kitchen fires hung with many pots of soup 
or stew, all done by the many hard working and industrious folk of fair 
Northkeep. So many hands working in harmony made any work there was a need 
for so light it hardly seemed like work at all. On the dawning of the day 
the hall filled, the soup pots emptied, and so many fine works of art and 
skill were displayed that it became a whirlwind of wonder. Oh what glory 
exists when the Kingdom of Ansteorra comes together to hold an event in a 
place such as fair Northkeep.

Our thanks must certainly go to Her Majesty Vanessa who brightened the day 
with her presence, and to the Event Stewards for all their hard work and 
guidance; the ever industrious Her Excellency Elizabetta, my lovely lady 
wife Baroness Kelandra, and the unflappable Lady Faolan. Special thanks must 
go to Lady Geneveria and Lady Aderan for their work...and to everyone from 
Northkeep, the Northern Region, and all of mighty Ansteorra who helped make 
this such an outstanding event you know who you are and you have our utmost 
thanks. Especial honors for our hardy Baronial Guardsmen who braved the cold 
early in the day  to serve not only the Barony but anyone who had need of 
their strong backs and eager hearts.

Among the artisans recognized for attendance at Gulf War was our own Damon 
Hroarson. It was a great pleasure to be there in Her Majesties court to 
participate in the auspicious occasion of the recognition of his noble 
qualities as he received a Court Barony, and to speak the linage of the 
circlet that was placed upon his brow. A circlet come from the head of 
Master Robert FitzMorgan given to him by HE Catrin ferch Guilliam ,and come 
to her from the brow of Master William Blackfox.. Such a linage for so noble 
an award is rare and wonderful indeed. Also to be there for the recognition 
of the two new Laurel candidates Rhiannon and Gunther. Among the other 
awards presented in the court was an Award of Arms for the new Lady Jutte of 
Northkeep, an Iris of Merit for Her Ladyship Lilas from Mooneschadowe, and a 
long time coming was Master Beorhtlic's Award of Arms. It is a good day when 
there are tears of joy and laughter that can be shared by all.

This was such a good event and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. 
In looking ahead I do hope that we will see many more events like The 
Kingdom Arts and Sciences in the days to come.


Ian Dun Gillan

Baron of Northkeep

Lord of Chemin Noir

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