[Northkeep] WWM/NRT game shifts

melissa vonaschen melissavonaschen at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 13 16:50:32 PST 2008

Greetings Nordsteorra! 
  We are in search of people still looking for an opportunity to help serve at Winter War Maneuvers / Northern Regional Tribute (Saturday, February 23rd).  HE Elisabetta af Isafjord who is coordinator of the Tribute side of things has arranged various carnival style games and Lady Zahava and I are looking for people to help run them.  This is quite possibly one of the easiest jobs you could do at this event, as well as the most flexible.  We need people to take tickets (not money) and give prizes.  There will be 3 people needed at all times from 9-4 though not necessarily in the two hour shifts you are accustomed to seeing for gate.  If you are interested and would like to help please reply to me with the times you are available, or any questions if you have them, preferably directly at melissavonaschen at yahoo.com.  In about a week, one of us will post again with the times slots that have been filled and the time slots that are still open.
  Thank you,
  Lady Ayla von Aschen & Lady Zahava bat Hannah
  P.S. Pardon me if this shows up twice on either the Northkeep or Northern Region list.  I realized after I sent it that I had the address wrong (or so I think) and so I am sending it again.

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