[Northkeep] Gulf Wars Camping List

Chris Birdwell angusmgunn at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 19 11:12:20 PST 2008

Hello all,
  Following is a list of those who have sent to me the following information:
  That they are pre-registered for GW, their tent size (to include ropes), and when they are arriving. If you are traveling with someone else, staying in their tent, or have family pre registered please make sure I have gotten all of the names of all who have pre-registered as this will affect our land alotment. If you are pre-registered and are not on this list, please send me your information, or if you know of people not on one of these mailing lists, please give them my email and have them contact me as soon as possible. 
  Wilhelm and Angelique
  Elodie and Angus
  Angus, Ciana, Hammish, Nichol, and Kendrick
  Ian and Kelandra
  Barrett Morgan
  Morgan and Montega
  Tim, Therese, and Kate
  Mary and Conal
  Owen and Terrick
  Elizabeta and Beorthlic
  Ulf and Joseph.
  If you are in the above list, you're good. If you're not, please send me your information.
  Thank you,
  Centurion Angus Gunn
  Squire to Sir Cassius Lepus

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