[Northkeep] ISO: Someone with a truck

melissa vonaschen melissavonaschen at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 21 18:40:15 PST 2008

Hey all, 
  I was wondering if there is anyone attending the event in Stillwater this weekend who will be driving a truck and wouldn't mind transporting something back to the Broken Arrow/Tulsa area after the event.  Lady Liliana has a twin sized daybed (disassembled currently) and mattress in her possession that need to be moved to Broken Arrow where my friend Marlo (most of you have at least seen her as she's been to several events and a couple of Northkeep Populace meetings) is moving into a new apartment.  She has been trying to figure out how to get them transported and I thought that maybe since there were already a lot of people going and coming that direction anyway that maybe someone would be able to assist her with this.  If anyone out there reads this and is willing and able to help, please contact me at your convenience, though preferably before the event on Saturday, and let me know. 
  Ayla von Aschen
  (405) 343-8566
  melissavonaschen at yahoo.com

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