[Northkeep] small commercial announcement

Patti McCullough toinettec at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 22 12:08:28 PST 2008


It's been pointed out to me that some people who might
be interested may not know that Llyw and I have
recorded a couple of short albums.  Our first one,
"Renaissance Road" was recorded a couple of years ago,
and our second, "Nyne Lytle Songes", was recorded just
last fall.  They're primarily harp and flute, and
mostly Llyw's and my arrangements of medieval and
Renaissance songs.  They were professionally recorded
in a studio and have been mastered and professionally

We're in the slow and painful process of trying to get
set up to sell them online, but in the meantime, we
generally have copies with us wherever we happen to
be, which we would gladly sell for $10 apiece.  Llyw
and I will be at Winter War Maneuvers, at Northkeep's
Populace this month (if it's next Monday, like I think
it is), and also at Mooneschadowe's Dance practice (if
it's next Tuesday, like I think it is), if anybody
would like to catch us at any of those times.

Best regards,

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