[Northkeep] Let There Be Cloaks

sandra goodrich tgnst at swbell.net
Tue Feb 26 11:49:16 PST 2008

The Raffle raised $1,027.90, :-) 
  I'm already compiling a list of Centurion Cloaks that need replacing, And Our Queen asked if I can help with GW Chili night, and I said yes, :-)...
  Thank You to everyone who participated and lent support to this project!
  Thank You to everyone who made me things and donated items to be raffled!
  Standouts on three tables of goods were--a pair of JP cops, 2 Aethelstan medallions, a autographed w/picture CD of the Merry Minstrels of Mooneshadowe's with their entry for this years GW, a Talanna monmouth cap, 2 CD's of Music from Llew and Toinette, an Alix naalbinded cap, a hand drawn portrait of Aaron and Vanessa by Ian, a triptych to be made to order from Kelandra, an Adria chocolate cheesecake, a Gunnar hawkr knife, 2 cloaks and a chemise from Bronwyn Foxtail, 2 hand beaded necklaces from Centurion Stella, a naalbinded snood from Annais, a pair of made to order mugs from Terric and Ayesha, a mosaic box made by Keara raven, a pair of leather shoes ?, Vanessa''s Crown Tourney Gown with head dress, Clothing donated by a much thinner Reagin hinn Stillinger- a tabard made by Countess Ann, an undershirt made by Duchess Willow, and a red and black tunic made by Bs Arafel, A small silver hammer and loop of amber made by Beorhtlic, a few things by my hand, and oh yeah, a
 Tarl Knife, :-)...
  Thanks go to Damon and Ismet, and Burke who donated some wonderful Books from their Libraries...
  Thanks to Sir Owen for the Christmas Axe I gave up for this raffle, :-)
  T o anyone who gave me hand made items that I didn't list, my apologies,
  For all the other items I indeed most sincerely Thank You...
  Tarl, Thank You for staying with me and the raffle when you had so many friends out in the Arena to be played with me, and living with me through yet another 'Stacia project, :-)
  Annais for manning the sudden White Elephant situation, :-)
  For Our Queen who Pulled the First Ticket, and Centurion Ysfael who called the names, Thank You, :-)
  And Gratitude to Our Autocrats, Elisabetha and JP, and to a Populous who true to Northern standards held up through all the twists and turns the gay offered, Thank You, :-)
  With Love, 'Stacia

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