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Also you can read more about them here:



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It is Atenvelt.


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  Greetings Namron:

  During the last Populace Meeting, I mentioned that HRM Vanessa had
requested our assistance
  in filling a gift basket for the King and Queen of Atenveldt at Gulf Wars.
I wrote a dear friend of mine
  who lives in Atenveldt and received the following information:

  HRM Eduard loves anything with a wolf depicted on it, smoked meats, and
brewed items.  His
  persona is a 14th century Englishman, but he loves to go "A Viking" with
his beloved Queen.  HRM lost an
  eye years ago fighting live steel and has a sense of humor about it, he
loves to display the
  populace badge of the sun of Atenveldt with a winking eye.  (Links to
these are found below)

  Queen Asa is an early period Viking. She is in a household with their
symbol a Raven.  A photo of both,
  the arms of the King and Queen of Atenveldt (gifts bearing this device
would remain the property
  of the Crown of Atenveldt after they step down) and their personal devices
(gifts bearing these devices
  could remain theirs after stepping down) are as follows:

  Wonderful items for gift baskets are:  anything displaying your skill as
an artisan....knitted gloves, embroidered bookmarks or cupcovers,
handpainted noted cards, handmade soap, food (that doesn't need preservation
like candied orange peel), etc.  If you are not crafty oriented, other
things I know have been gifted and are much appreciated:  gift cards for
gas, phone, food, etc.    I have also purchased some
  medieval looking photo frames, which are always nice gifts for anyone in
the SCA.

  What the King and Queen do not use themselves can be given as largesse, I
know a friend of mine and
  I made 25 cupcovers for a basket once.  We found the small crocheted
doilies at a dollar store and
  attached lovely beads to weight them down.

  Aten Sun:
Looking for the populace badge:  It is per fess blue and white with a
postage stamp sun in the upper left hand corner of the blue....

  It would be wonderful if I could have these items for Vanessa at  the
first March Populace Meeting at the
  very latest....March 5th, so she can pack them for her trip to Gulf Wars.
However, I would be willing to
  accept anything you have at any time and will store it until it can be
given to Vanessa.

  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.  (405) 735-3466

  In Service,
  HL Melisande de Frayne

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