[Northkeep] Kingdom A&S is here!

Jerry and Teresa Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 7 10:06:13 PST 2008

T-minus 2 days and counting.

We have not heard a huge response from the populace about their attendance 
this weekend at the event. We know that many of you will be there working 
hard to make Northkeep look good at this Kingdom level event we would just 
very much like the assurance that will be there for set up and tear down. 
Please if you can be there Friday night to help set up reply on this list.

Also no one as yet has offered to fetch and deliver the Baronial trailer. I 
would do so but I have not yet been able to afford to get a suitable trailer 
hitch installed on my truck. Help in this area i.e. delivering the trailer 
would be most appreciated.


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Greetings All,
This Friday our Barony will be a buzz with activity. Northkeep needs you! 
All of you! Come to the Saint Peter and Paul's School (same place we held 
Winterkingdom) and help us set up the event. We will also have the gate open 
for anyone who would like to sign in early. The plan is to meet at the 
School at around 7pm do the set up and then return around 7am they next day 
for the event.  So spread the word around the Barony to all the populace 
even those who are not on this list that we need you!

Saturday morning we will need the members of the Northkeep Baronial Guard 
present to help with curb side assistance for the artisans. Please bring 
your tabards and capes. We will also need kitchen help and servers for the 
sideboard luncheon on Saturday.

After the event is over on Saturday we will need more help doing clean up. 
The event should be over by about 5-6 pm and clean up can begin then.We need 
all those hard workers from the barony there. Remember that many hands makes 
light work, and even if you can only work for an hour or two it will be 
greatly appreciated.

As usual we also need some one who can get the Baronial Trailer on site by 
6-7pm Friday and get it home again on Saturday or Sunday.

Please people of Northkeep be there to share in the efforts of your Barony, 
volunteer and be a hero to the Autocrats who are HE Kelandra, HE Elizabetta, 
and Ldy Faolan.

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