[Northkeep] archery

Leah Hibbs inuyasha_kun2005 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 10 12:30:26 PST 2008

LOL  I may have to wind of using my own stuff.. but I have been making AMVS like no end this year....

I have some of other artist on my computer though

I usually like together up amvs that are of good quality and no subtitles... if you know what I mean....

Yes and please tell me what equipment that you will have, I need to know... I might need to make just a regular data disc, vcd or dvd.... hell I might make all three.. just in case.... lol

Hmm.. probably about 30-45 min or so...or maybe a straight hour, depending on how many AMV's I gather up of mine and others...

giladriel <giladriel at cox.net> wrote: glad to hear the range is back open, what time is practice today?
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