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Keigan, of course if there is anything you need of Rachel or myself, if it 
is within our power to do so, you have but to ask.

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> Keigan here on Kevin's account.? I thought at least some of you would want 
> to know that Kevin is in the hospital.? Surprising since even getting him 
> to the dr is nearly impossible most of the time, but he has been there 
> since Wed. night and will be there for a few more days at least.? He 
> apparently did not have flu or pnuemonia like we thought last week but was 
> experiencing problems for an aortic arythmia.? While trying to find the 
> cause of said arythmia and a way to fix it they also discovered there is a 
> blood clot in the blood chamber if the atrium, caused by the arthmia.? 
> They are treating that with massive blood thinners for the next 8 weeks 
> and then will check again to see how it is coming along.? Once it is gone 
> they will use elctro-shock to re-calibrate the upper and lower heart 
> rythms back to normal (we hope).? They have no idea right now what caused 
> the arythmia to start with but will be looking until they find it.? He is 
> really doing ok but is bored out of his mind.
> ? So if anyone wants to visit or call him, he is in Hillcrest on the 9th 
> floor, south tower room 921.? Phone number is 579-6921.? It's gonna be at 
> least Tuesday before they let him go.?
> Sorry if this is too much info for some but I'm hard to reach sometimes 
> and thought this was the best way to get the pertinent info out to those 
> who did need or want it.
> Keigan
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